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Q4 2022, Message From The CEO

What a year 2022 turned out to be. Our 2nd year in operation had its fair share of challenges and triumphs. And while everything did not go exactly to plan, we ended the year full of excitement for what is to come in 2023. The major highlights of the final quarter of 2022 were: 1.)…

Q3 2022, Message From The CEO

“The reality is, if we want to provide high quality care to all people – because all people deserve high quality care – then we have to bring care to people; we cannot expect people to come to healthcare, to facilities, and to the system. That means we have to move care into the home….

Q2 2022, Message From The CEO

Where did all the time go?  It feels like only 1 week ago that I was writing my first ever “Message from the CEO” for the Q1 Investor Report. I guess it is true what they say: “time flies when you are building a digital health and advocacy startup that is committed to preventing kidney…

Q1 2022, Message From The CEO

Wow! What a milestone! Our first ever Quarterly Investor Report! If you are reading this, it means you are one of the earliest people to believe in our mission of preventing kidney failure so much that you have invested your hard-earned cash, time, and energy in us. Thank you. From the bottom of my and…