Q4 2022, Message From The CEO

What a year 2022 turned out to be. Our 2nd year in operation had its fair share of challenges and triumphs. And while everything did not go exactly to plan, we ended the year full of excitement for what is to come in 2023. The major highlights of the final quarter of 2022 were:

1.)   Finalizing version 1 of our product
Justin, Mattias and their development team worked tirelessly to finish the final details of our minimal viable product, and test for bugs. I am happy to update you that we are all but done with that project. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Justin ( for a 1-on-1 demo.

2.)   Progress in the project with Hennepin Health System
Egor and I spent a week in Minnesota in December, meeting with potential investors, clients and collaborators in the Twin Cities. Crucially, we were able to have further in-person interactions with our first clients – the CKD researchers at Hennepin Health System in Minneapolis. We learned more about their work in operating the US Renal Database System and publishing the CKD annual data report. This helped us in planning for the project, which will kick off this year and progress on the financial terms of our agreement with them.

3.)   Approval of Primo-Adoptant Grant
We were selected as recipients of the Quebec Ministry of Economy & Innovation Primo-Adoptant (First-Time Adopter) grant. This grant, valued at $50,000 (CAD), is intended to support our delivery of the Hennepin Health System.

The momentum of these developments have us going into 2023 in buoyant mood. The focus for the 1st quarter of 2023 is following up on business development conversations we opened in 2022. Additionally, we were accepted to the Canada Consulate General “SoCal Black Tech Express” accelerator intended to aid entry of black-owned technology companies into the Southern California market. We are being ably represented by our Chief Medical Officer (Dr. Paula Nwajei), who will spend a week in Los Angeles in March, meeting with potential clients and investors, in the program’s finale. We have follow-up meetings booked with Aetna-CVS of Ohio and a private Nephrology practice in Atlanta. I hope to bring you good news on the outcome of these meetings in due course.

On a personal note, the year’s events took a significant toll on my health. I took ill over the holiday and was medically advised to take time out to recover. Thankfully, I am now on the mend and returning to full capacity. My co-founders – Paula, Justin and Collins Nwalih – really stepped up in my absence, and I am eternally grateful for their diligence, patience, and understanding. This is an essential lesson to us all on the need to strive for a healthy balance intentionally. On that note, let’s get the 2023 show on the road!