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The Collogh Cares Ecosystem

We are building a comprehensive solution for inadequate management of advanced chronic kidney disease

By increasing patient engagement through activity tracking and personalised feedback/coaching, and enhancing healthcare provider efficiency through predictive Artificial Intelligence.

Our Credo

The Collogh Cares Credo is a compilation of 60 phrases that encapsulate our interpretation of “what it means to care”.

The Credo is core to our beliefs as an organisation. It is how we strive to treat every member of our community – patients, clients, suppliers, employees, shareholders. It is a daily reminder of our raison d’être.

To care is to listen, be non-judgmental, fight for equity, despise injustice, be loyal, be available, be kind, serve, lead, value kindness over talent, value talent over status, sacrifice, smile, empathize, give, pray for others more than self, be attentive, be honest, be transparent, be non-vindictive, be warm, hug with an open heart, disavow revenge, forgive, be ambitious, console, encourage, compliment, be patient, be soft in speech, think positive, speak positive, teach, advocate, possess an attitude of gratitude, persevere, coach, mentor, laugh, cry, mourn, celebrate, be passionate, be understanding, be humble, be solution-oriented, ask difficult questions, challenge the status-quo, be values-driven, value joy over riches, value diversity, be content, commit to continuous improvement, apologize in sincerity, nurture, share, value team over individual, challenge authority, always put the patient first, LOVE,


Collogh Cares

1000 Rue Saint-Jacques, Montréal, QC H3C 1G7, Canada