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Our Objective

Collogh Cares is a patient-obsessed care company preventing kidney failure, one family at a time
Premier CKD-focused digital platform to support patients and their families
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Our Credo

What it means to care

To care is to listen, be non-judgmental, fight for equity, despise injustice, be loyal, be available, be kind, serve, lead, value kindness over talent, value talent over status, sacrifice, smile, empathize, give, pray for others more than self, be attentive, be honest, be transparent, be non-vindictive, be warm, hug with an open heart, disavow revenge, forgive, be ambitious, console, encourage, compliment, be patient, be soft in speech, think positive, speak positive, teach, advocate, possess an attitude of gratitude, persevere, coach, mentor, laugh, cry, mourn, celebrate, be passionate, be understanding, be humble, be solution-oriented, ask difficult questions, challenge the status-quo, be values-driven, value joy over riches, value diversity, be content, commit to continuous improvement, apologize in sincerity, nurture, share, value team over individual, challenge authority, always put the patient first, LOVE,

Our Team


Dr. Collins Oghor is a McGill-trained Doctor of Medicine, Master of Surgery & Master of Business Administration. A self-styled maverick, Collins declared his life mission of “improving access to high-quality healthcare in Africa through entrepreneurial solutions” at the grand old age of 10 (after a particularly severe bout of malaria while in boarding school in Nigeria).

This ambition pushed him to leave his family at the age of 17 to relocate to Canada for higher education, where he obtained a Hon. BSc. in Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour (Summa Cum Laude) from McMaster University before attending McGill University’s exclusive joint MDCM-MBA program.

During medical school, Collins performed global health research focused on improving access to WHO-approved tuberculosis diagnostics in low-middle income countries – co-authoring 4 peer-reviewed journal articles. Upon graduation, he moved briefly to Geneva to work for the United Nations (UNOPS) – supporting StopTB’s Global Drug Facility in building its strategy for expanding supply of quality-assured tuberculosis diagnostics to lower/middle income countries globally.

Collins moved back to his native Nigeria in 2019, to work as a Public & Social Sector consultant at global management consultancy, McKinsey & Company. In this role, he advised governments & NGOs on public health and infrastructure projects in East & West Africa.

In true maverick fashion (pun intended), Collins co-founded and led Montreal-based classic menswear brand, Maison Leporem for 4 years, while in medical school — “to cover (my) student expenses and as a much-needed creative outlet”.

It is this eclectic mix of education, experiences, and passions that he is channeling into leading the Collogh Cares mission of being “preventing kidney failure, one family at a time” fighting the scourge of kidney failure. In his words, Collogh Cares “is the culmination of my childhood dreams, adult realizations, fortunate/unfortunate personal/family experiences, and God-given talents.”

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Dr. Paula Nwajei is a graduate of All Saints University School of Medicine and Resident Doctor in the Departments of Internal Medicine & Pediatrics at Emory Healthcare, Atlanta, USA. She also holds a Hon. BSc. in Life Sciences from McMaster University.

Paula was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada but grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. At the age of 15, she and her family return to Canada to pursue access to better health care due to a decline in her father’s health. Her father’s sudden diagnosis of kidney failure birthed Paula’s interest in Medicine and Health Education; thus beginning her journey in the profession. Her early experiences created her ultimate purpose in medicine — preventing kidney failure, one family at a time.

Dr. Nwajei is also very passionate about Infectious Diseases, specifically tuberculosis. During an internship with the Georgia Department of Public Health, she was actively involved in the Tuberculosis and Refugee Resettlement Program, which aims to eliminate any health-related barriers for new immigrants. There, she served as a health education specialist, providing new immigrants in the state of Georgia with the necessary tools and resources to navigate the United States health system.

Paula is also on the COVID response team — in collaboration with the Georgia Department of Public health and Center for Disease Control — that provides Medical Education to the general public about the safety precautions to take to reduce the spread and hopefully eradicate the virus.

Paula is very excited to be a founding member of the team spearheading this initiative to prevent kidney failure, one family at a time.

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Justin Egwudo is a pro-sustainability tech professional with close to a decade of experience in creating & managing startup processes, project management, and operations management.

He attended Caleb University, Lagos, where he studied Computer Science and graduated top of his class in 2016. While at Caleb, he worked on a Google Online Marketing Challenge where he supported small businesses through google Adwords, increased sales & improved digital adoption amongst businesses, and digital skill development amongst employees.

Soon after graduation, he worked with Uber as an Operations & Creative expert where he led all aspects of website development & management, process automation, vehicle analytics, digital media, top of funnel & conversion, and ticket handling.

In 2020, he became the Operations Associate of Capture Solutions West Africa where he advocates for new ideas and creates innovative and unique software and hardware processes to re-organize and streamline operations.

Now, as Chief Technology Officer of Collogh Cares, he is committed to help in addressing the growing Chronic-Kidney-Disease epidemic. In his words “feeling helpless when my friend was in the hospital for 9 months, not knowing if he’ll ever walk again; I don’t want to ever feel that way again, or let anyone who loves someone feel this way and that is what inspires me to wake up each and every morning”

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Collins Nwalih is a Senior Business/Financial Analyst for Intact Financial Corporation. He is an accomplished Analyst and enjoys using his skills to contribute to the exciting financial & technological advances that happen every day at Intact Financial. Collins graduated from Ryerson University in 2014 with a Master’s Degree in Finance and Economics. While in school, he earned the 2013 Macroeconomics best performance award for his exemplary academic performance and leadership skills.

Collins Joined TD Bank (TD Securities group) after graduation and after 2 amazing years with TD he was offered a senior position at the Royal Bank of Canada – Canada’s Largest Bank. His position at Royal Bank allowed him to bridge both finance and technology fields and led to further career growth and opportunities. Collins is obsessed with all things finance and tech-related and spends his free time researching and exploring various finance methodologies and developing skills to enhance financial processes and systems in the workplace. He enjoys watching sci-fi movies, documentaries, and spending quality time with family and friends.

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