We are changing the system, for the healthcare provider and the patient. Making it effective via digitalization, yet personal, by activity tracking and using behavioural science – a combination of psychology, sociology, and anthropology.

We are creating a system for monitoring, prompting & evaluation, tailored to individuality & motivations. Thereby customizing the “apple a day” for the patient’s needs.

Here’s how we are achieving this:

Medical Technology

We have built an end-to-end solution to the problem of inadequate management of Chronic Kidney Disease patients, to slow or prevent progression to kidney failure.

The Collogh Cares ecosystem comprises of:

Monitoring Sensors
Collecting data and presenting them as actionable insights to the patients.

The monitoring sensors (licensed from specialist hardware manufacturers) comprise of a wearable sensor (e.g., a Fitbit), and a Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure monitor. Sensors are used to measure key vital signs and activities such as blood pressure, heart rate, sleep, exercise. All the data generated from the sensors are presented to the patients in the form of actionable insights via a mobile application (iOS & Android) which serves as the digital health coach.

Digital Health Coach
Giving daily nudges and reminders on diet, exercise, sleep and medication adherence.

The digital health coach is a mobile software application (iOS & Android) which is a daily guide to the patient, performing three broad functions: Monitoring, Prompting and Coordination. This mobile app stores and interprets the data from sensors, gives patients daily guidance on diet, exercise, and medication reminders, and provides digital access to a full kidney disease education curriculum (which meets criteria for reimbursement).

CKD Care Management Portal
Bridging communication between provider & patient. Allowing the provider to view and grant instructions based on live data.

A web-based portal for nephrologists, family physicians & care managers to view remote real-time data of all their advanced CKD patients, triage based on critical metrics, and send notifications to patients via the mobile app.

Health Advocacy

One of our mandates at Collogh Cares Inc. is our advocacy work centered on the 3 A’s: Awareness, Access, and Action. This entails applying the same innovative thinking and culture we use in product development towards increasing awareness of kidney failure, increasing access to preventive care, and pushing for governmental action to improve the quality of kidney care.


We are committed to providing the resources to high-risk communities to increase awareness, foster healthier lifestyles, and close the health inequity gap they often suffer. We do that by leveraging technology to push for early detection and adequate management, to prevent/slow the progression of CKD to kidney failure. We are creating public awareness for a disease where only 10% of people who have it are aware of their disease, through social media and other forms of mass communication. In recent years, the need for health equity has taken on a large voice in the media. We have taken this aspect as our regiment in the fight, and we call on you to join us. This is a fight we must all commit to. We challenge inequity wherever we might find it. Challenge the status quo, and always strive for a better, fairer standard – that is our driving philosophy.


We are increasing access to early kidney disease education, particularly in racial minorities who are at increased risk for kidney failure.


Our goal at Collogh Cares is to challenge the status quo and change it — away from sick care, into an era of personalized digital health care. We are doing this by engaging with relevant government bodies at all levels to act on commitments made towards improving access to preventive care for marginalized patients.